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Friendships and Adopted Family

I have been told that family is not about blood but loyalty. That is true, I have friendships that have spanned decades as well as new friendships that show adopted family is the one of the best kinds that you can have. They are loyal, loving and come to your aid when you need it the most even when you do not realize that you need their help.

It is an amazing feeling to have someone that you can tell anything and everything to without fear of judgement. Knowing that no matter what you say or do they will always be there is a feeling like no other. It's called trust, and whether we admit it or not we all have that one person that we trust more than anyone else in our lives.

Having a best friend of the opposite sex is sure to raise a few eyebrows but that is not your problem. There are those that will never comprehend the ability for members of the opposite sex to be friends without having a sexual relationship. They have small minds, and that is there problem.

My best friend is male. It is starting a few rumors, and I don't give a damn. It's our choice to share everything and nobody else's business what we share. Here's to friends, may you always keep them close to you.

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