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Saturday Evening Post

The week was filled with too much socialization for this self proclaimed antisocial being. It had me wondering why I ever moved to civilization in the first place. It was however good for the soul despite the panic that it caused. I am sure that I will be alright, in time.

I have three pairs of new shoes thanks to the new friends I have made. One pair of heels, and two pairs of flip flops. It seems my boots were making them hot and my running around barefoot was a cause for concern to them. There were some snakes seen out here, and it seems I am the only one that realizes it is not the bare feet but the panic that they strike at.

I had a discussion with my best friend, and some things came to light. They are obvious to us, but not so obvious to the rest of the world. We are very much, actually to much alike to be anything more than friends. The rumors have us dating, but we aren't. We just happen to have shared a lot of the same experiences, and feel the same about a great deal of things.

We ignore those that think we can't be so close and just be friends. We are happy, and we get to keep each other this way. We talk about everything, and have even discussed the fact that we each wonder why it seems that people lose the ability to communicate once they cross the line to being more than friends. Neither of us can complain about how the other spends their days, because we both spend them the same way. We bury our heads in our computers and shut out the world most days.

Our relationship is new, and it is the purest friendship I have known. I intend to keep it. While anything is possible, if that day where we crossed the line ever got here it's a long way off. We have a level of closeness I never managed to achieve with any of my husbands. He had to ask why, when I gave him the reasons he understood completely.

We talk daily unless we have had a fight, then we take time to cool off. We actually make an effort not to say things that we can't take back and don't mean in anger. He accepts my darling child just the way she is, autism and all. There is nothing wrong with her and nothing to accept according to him. I do believe my poor heart skipped a beat at that level of understanding. We have something that is far to precious to risk for stupidity, or rumors.

Well, I'll be going. I do hope that your Saturday is a good one.

Have you ever been closer to a friend than you were to any lover? Have you ever been to close to someone to be anything more than friends? How do you explain the relationship to the busybodies? 

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