Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Caution: False Friends Ahead

It is always a good thing to have friends that are family; the ones you can rely on when everything falls apart. They are always there to lend a helping hand, and lift your spirits when it feels as if the world is ending. Then there are those that claim to be there for  you through anything and everything until  you have nothing left to give them.

You should be weary of these people. The problem is that it can take months for their true nature to be revealed. You can be under the illusion that you have a friend that will be there through anything until you really need them emotionally. There are those that make everything about them no matter how badly you are hurting; these are the "friends" that you do not need.

Those that are so self absorbed and arrogant that they make the assumption that any problem you have emotionally is directly related to them are those that you do not need. It can be frustrating to try and find comfort just to discover that you are only a friend when you are doing things for others. Listening to them tell you the problems that they have or had in the past is fine, but when you try to talk to them it is still all about them whether it is or not.

Friends do not make exploit your weaknesses for personal gain; they lift you up when you falling and cannot catch yourself. Pay attention to the signs. False friends always show up when they want something from you. You will notice they disappear when you actually need something.

Do you know people that claim to be your friend but are only interested in what you can do for them? How do you deal with it? Do you play along or send them on their merry way?
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