Tuesday, June 17, 2014


They aren't always a bad thing, in fact they can be the best thing at times. Even the worst endings can lead to the best beginnings, and new memories. It is only in the aftermath of shattered pieces, or celebrations that we realize just what the endings mean to us.

Paying the Price

There is a price for everything that we do, and sometimes it is great. Though there is the occasion when it is small enough that it does not make a dent in our reality. When the price we pay is the ability to move on to something better then everything is worth it. What happens when the price is higher than we wanted to pay?

Let's examine both sides. It won't be a drawn out endeavor today, just a brief glance. When things ended on a bad note it can make us resentful of the situation and everything that was involved with it. Regrets come from this type of ending but nothing can be done about them in the end. 

When the ending destroys your sanity it is a good bet that it went badly. It is not that you were bad the entire time, it's that sometimes the ending means that you lose something you dearly loved. It could be that you were merely patching things up for the longest time instead of finding a real solution to the problems that you were having.

Do You Burn the Bridge or Leave a Path?

Burning bridges means that you don't leave anyway back but to swim, or you could leave a small path back to the situation you left.What do you do when things end? Do you walk away knowing it is for the best, or feel a longing to return to the illusion that you once created?
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