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Reality Hits at Odd Times

Happiness seems to be rare these days. I have noticed a lot of people that are not happy, and few that attempt to fake it in an effort to keep the world out of their business.

It is out of self defense that people do these things. Some of them are afraid that people will hurt them and others prefer to be alone. Figuring out the difference can be difficult, but not entirely impossible. Getting close enough for them to let you behind the curtain so to speak is all that you have to do.

Reality is often why they are the way they are. It can hit when you least expect it, such as during casual conversation. An odd moment occurs when you have two separate conversations because neither of you are paying attention even though you thought you were both intensely focused on the conversation. The speaker might not be attempting to be rude but that is how they come off. 

They could have simply stated a fact that you know but felt that there was no need for them to tell you at that moment. Like I said reality comes at odd times.

How do you deal with the reality that you already knew? Is it difficult at times?
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