Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday Evening Post

The issues that matter the most are often the ones that are most avoided as topics of conversation. I have often wonder why this is, and I began to think about it. I decided to share what I thought with you to see if any of you agree.

I have started to think that the reason some topics are avoided is that they are to painful to discuss, or the one attempting to get you to talk about them makes you uncomfortable. We all have that one friend that is always to busy talking to listen; they interrupt at two words and begin giving advice that shows they do not have a clue what is going on in the world around them.

There is that friend that gives advice based on something they did a century ago without ever realizing that things might have changed since then. They do not realize that some of the things they tell you would actual cause you to commit fraud if you followed the advice they were giving. Then they tell you things that are actually their confessions to fraud after the fact.

Avoiding the issue is done with those that cannot listen because they lack the deductive reasoning to know that they do not need to repeat things. It is because they do not pay attention to cues during the conversation; they might not know what privacy is, and they are most likely to say something offensive because they do not listen.

Why do you avoid the issues? Until next time I'll keep pondering about life and those in it.

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