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Wednesday's Wonderings

It has been a week of confusion that is not going to simplify itself anytime soon. I am not sure when it happened but life is becoming something strange to me. The things that used to be routine are no longer the norm for us. It is what we are learning to adjust to.

Through June 2nd I am hosting a virtual party. (The link will open in a new window.) It is a make-up party, the products are ones that I have fallen in love with instantly. It even makes me feel better just to put it on, even when I am having a horrible day.

You can see the results for yourself. At the moment I am easing into wearing make-up again so you'll notice just some eye pigment, mascara and lip gloss. While I do not consider myself to be ugly, I am not ready to flaunt on the runway either. 

The Younique line is making me feel better, and it doesn't feel heavy like other things I have used. In fact I have fallen so far in love with it that I am planning to become a presenter. I can enjoy the products and introduce others to them from the comfort of my home. So it makes me wonder why I haven't heard of this line sooner.

I have new friends and associates, but I am wondering which ones to keep at a distance. It seems that there are those that know who you are and love you anyway, then there are those that know who you are and refuse to accept you for it. It is there lost, I am amazing, and I know my heart. 

Once again I am listening to it, just as I should have been doing all along. I stopped doing it some time ago, and I shouldn't have. Now I'm wondering how I typed this post at all without giving into the urge to cut my nails. I am thinking of putting acrylic on them so that they are harder when they tap the keys. I am wondering how they haven't broken and why I haven't done anything about the polish that is chipping off. 

What are you wondering about today? Is it something useful or something that makes you wonder what in the world you are thinking being so selfish? Some of the things that I am wondering are making me wonder both.


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