Monday, July 14, 2014

Painful Research

I am in the process of writing a new book and the research has been painful at times. Not in a pleasurable way either.

The requirement to be as realistic as possible in the world of fiction is a tough one to meet. It has led me to some strange places in my research and not all of them were friendly. I am beginning to wonder how anyone ever does this without giving up a part of themselves or losing some of their sanity.

The conversations that I have been subjected to were enough to make my head spin. Let's review.

Conversations should begin with something similar to hello, not an inquiry as to whether or not I skype. No one wants to see your genitalia within the first five minutes of you hitting on them, and doing it badly over an online platform. 

Cougars like younger men, they do not however care to change your diapers or train you in the ways of the world. Hitting someone up by asking about their accent then complaining that you are only finding women void of intellect, well there is a reason for it.

The women that are intellectually void to you because they do not ask questions back are either a.) brain dead or b.) not interested.

In either case move on. We would appreciate it if the male population would increase their vocabulary to include more than three words, and those words should not originate from the penis.

Now to avoid turning this into an obscenity filled rant I will be going. Hope your day is free from the intellectual void that has been created by the freedom of the internet to express things to strangers.

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