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Saturday Evening Post

Warning: The following is a rant, and it is not intended for the faint of heart or the whiny. Those that are offended should examine themselves more closely, chances are what I am about to say will hit to close to home for you.

One day everything is fine, the next your world falls apart. Why? Let's examine the potential for disaster. Where does it all begin? Truth.

Collateral damage happens when innocent bystanders are hurt as a result of actions that were not aimed directly at them. Granting wishes leads those you grant them for to the realization they should have been careful what they wished for. 

Wish Granted

They say that you should be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. It is not up the wish granter what you wished for; that is up to you. When you get it you might decide that you did not want it at all. It is important not to tell someone something in a moment of anger if you are not prepared to clean up the aftermath of your actions. 


It is a lack of feeling that is not limited to external limbs. It is felt in the heart as a defense against the pain that would destroy you if it were allowed to be present. It is a way of moving on without falling apart, especially when you are the wish granter. The grantee is left with the aftermath to clean up and the collateral damage that resulted in your granting of even the most painful wishes. 

Innocent bystanders are often hurt when you grant a wish that someone makes out of anger. It is never enough to control merely the volume of what comes out of your mouth, when you cannot control the content you need to be sure that you say exactly what you mean and mean exactly what you say. 

Actions Makes Words Meaningless

When actions do not match words they are nothing more than verbal vomit. Words are meaningless when the actions that you perform do not match them. It is useless to claim love and devotion while running wild in the streets for whoever is available to you. It is useless to spout hate and try to make up for it with empty gestures and meaningless apologies.

What is the last wish you had granted? What is the last wish you granted? Did you think about it before you did it? Was the collateral damage worth it?

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