Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Evening Post

This week has been a fun one; I began a new party before the last one ended. The parties are fun, and the format of this one is an experiment to see what is working and what is not. To borrow a line from Red over at M3 pull up a rocker and grab a cuppa. We're going to talk.

I have spent time on my book and written the odd article here and there while blogging some. I am thinking of giving in and getting an actual website of my own but I am holding off for a little bit. I am wondering about living on a fixed income that I set for myself while I embark on my new business venture. 

I began setting a new schedule yesterday and so far I'm attempting but that's all that I am doing. I managed to get by on three hours of sleep after staying up all night doing virtually nothing but having fun while throwing in a little bit of work and cleaning. 

I am addicted to 3D fiber lash, and though it says you can put it over regular mascara I prefer to leave that part out. It's not that it's to much trouble, it's that I don't really want regular mascara to touch my lashes anymore. I can't explain it but I don't want it to. I am having fun playing in my presenter kit first thing in the morning, and in the evenings before I go walk. 

I am learning to pamper myself with little things while I work. I have no choice but to make time for my nightly walks because I am starting to gain weight again. I am planning my menus for me and the kid; she is having stomach issues and the things that cause those also cause me to get fatter and fatter. 

Well, this post is rather short I know but on the bright side your cup has not had time to cold or hot. Have a great evening.

How are you spending your days? Do you plan and plan just to find that you interrupt your plans for other things?

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