Thursday, September 18, 2014

One Year Later

It has been a year since the night I left my third husband. I had only my youngest daughter, the clothes on our backs and a few odds and ends. Over the last year we've made a lot of changes, and they are slowly but surely proving to be for the better and the best for us. Grab a drink and reflect with me.
We landed on a mountain top in TCH with a full support system in place. It took a while to stop saying "I want to go home" and a while for the kiddo to adjust to the first couple of changes but we made it.

Six months on the mountain led to some rather strange accomplishments for me since there was no one to interfere with the results I was trying to achieve. I managed to get used to the camper, sort of. I was a bit better at losing things in the tiny space than one might imagine.

I walked all of two minutes to work each day once I passed the certifications test and full filled all of the requirements to be a line therapists. I even managed to save $1,000 while I was there. The short kid had friends at home and at school. I learned that I had to go on all of her field trips with her, but that is another story.

Now we are in a place that is completely flat and I readily await the day my divorce is final. I am not sad that my marriage is ending, but rather I am more excited than I have been about anything in my life time.

We have made friends from strangers and enjoyed a school environment that is nurturing and peaceful. The world is falling into place and we are standing tall.

The year is coming to a close and we will celebrate new freedoms along with it. How well are you adjusting to the changes in your world?
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