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Finally Friday

It's finally Friday which means we get to sleep in for the next two days. In theory. Shorty has different ideas about the weekends. 

Today is dedicated to cleaning up the house before the weekend and finalizing next month's budget. The light bill is $152 because the fuel charge went up for the month. That's fine we're still under budget for the month which makes me happy.

I've thought about getting a domain and creating my own website like others I know have done but right now I'm not blogging enough to make it worth it. I am attempting to blog at least three times a week and failing miserably at it. I seem to need a topic to write about. 

I have a couple of books in the works and I am filing paperwork to make life easier. I mailed the last of the forms to apply for alternative therapy for shorty and forms for myself for something to relieve the stress.

I seem to be gaining weight, I sat down and figured out I was drinking all of my calories. That's easy to fix, I just change my drinking habits and find a filter pitcher because I cannot drink the water here.

Well, I'm off to enjoy my Friday. Have a nice weekend.
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