Monday, October 27, 2014

Plans for the Week

The week is going to be a slow one, I only have one appointment on Thursday which will last about an hour and then I'll be home. Halloween is Friday, and it is not going to be the one I had hoped for, but it will be memorable.

This week I will do laundry, dishes and write a bit but it will be of my own choosing. There are no clients to please this time, and the holidays promise to be free from drama.

I will be finalizing the budget for November and planning Thanksgiving dinner. We are supposed to get a pumpkin to carve for Halloween because the baby has asked for it. 

Tonight I will be watching Two Broke Girls, Tuesday is NCIS, Wednesday is Criminal Minds, Thursday is Grey's Anatomy, Friday is Shark Tank and Sunday is Once Upon a Time. Then there are the nights I stay up late enough to watch Different Strokes. I will be indulging in my Netflix a little during the day and putting my makeup on some to take pictures. 

I have the housewife look still, and it is not disappearing as fast as I would like it to. I intend to go through my closet and see which of my clothes I can alter a bit. I'll be moving a bit more than I have provided I am well enough this week. I had a bout with the flu like virus that has been going around, I am still under the weather but hoping for improvement. 
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