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Saturday Evening Post

It has been a rather interesting week, and I have a feeling the rest of the month will be even stranger. Sit back, grab a glass and we'll chat.

I have made some difficult choices this week, but they are for the best. I am giving people space to make decisions that are long over due. I have been on a strange roller coaster type ride with life lately and it is making me dizzy.

I am attempting a new method of organization and I have already proven to myself that I need two pages for one day to fit everything on the page. When I have a productive day I manage to do everything and more, when the day is not as productive I barely need one. 

I am not feeling well lately, and I have the urge to sleep a lot so that is what I do. I wake up refreshed for a short time but that is it. This post would be longer but I am beginning to lose my energy again. I will be back to chat. 

Meanwhile may your life be peaceful and your choices true to your convictions.
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