Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

It's Wednesday once again, and while others are going wordless with fractals, I have not yet reached that point. I would post some pictures instead but lately there are none that spring to mind. Therefore it is Wordy Wednesday; let's chat. 

So far this week I've managed to do very little. I spent the weekend with the baby sitting quietly at home watching television, playing games and baking. The baking was the kid's idea. 

Yesterday was picture day at school and my counseling appointment. I counseling appointment was rescheduled because of circumstances beyond my control. So I spent the rest of the day doing random things, most of them were associated with the remaining budget for this month and the entire budget for next month.

I managed to make plans for today. A couple of stops to fill out some paperwork and the grocery store to take advantage of the current sale. There are a number of BOGO free items that I intend to purchase, fortunately some of them are freezable. They are treat items that are for the holidays that are coming up. 

I know enough to know the sales cycles are approximately every six weeks but right now cake mix is less than 50 cents limit 5. I can go ahead and purchase the mix for the baby's birthday cake. December I will buy the decoration stuff to make the top cute for her. 

I have spent a lot of time searching for the toys that she wants and the items to store them in. The search is getting easier, I have found a number of items at more than reasonable prices. I fully intend to take advantage of free shipping and search the clearance rack for older toys and odds and ends that she might like. She is getting more specific in her requests. 

I am working on another book, slowly but it is making progress. A couple the scenes need to be reworked but I will not be doing any editing until I reach the point of organizing it. I want to make sure the scenes are staying before I take the time to get them to the point of beta readers eyes.

Well, so far this Wednesday is rather wordy. I fear it may be too wordy so I am going to go. I am looking to begin putting images in all posts in the future but I have not yet reached that point. I am attempting to figure out how to work Younique to my advantage, and I have an angle for it. I am just not sure it is going to work correctly.

Here's hoping your week is going well. 
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