Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday Evening Post

The week has been one filled with thoughts of friends and family as the holidays approach. I am blessed to have my heart with me and my friends are always a call away. Pull up a chair and grab a drink, we need to chat.

I am already planning our small Thanksgiving dinner, just the two of us. I think I'll take the opportunity to get Shorty to help me in the kitchen with the preparation. The menu has to be simple as a result so that she can use everything that we need, except for the knives. 

She will enjoy it, and this is the month that I begin having larger items for her birthday and Christmas delivered and hide them. If I leave them in the box she won't open it because it is not addressed to her. She is a respectful child.

We will be doing some crafts for the time she is out of school during the holidays, luckily the supply list is short.

Cupcake cups.
Construction paper.
Cardboard tubes.
Tissue Paper.
Pipe Cleaners.

A few odds and ends. Now what are you planning for the holidays?
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