Monday, November 17, 2014

Way Behind

I have noticed that I am way behind when it comes to finishing the things that I am supposed to do lately. I cannot figure out exactly why but I know that I am preoccupied.

The holidays are here, and I am busy with gift purchases and plans. I am also wondering about a certain friend. I am worried and they keep telling me not to be.

I have seen the manipulation they are being put through, but they cannot see it. It is nothing that can be proven to them and it is up to them to see it. The circumstances would make a great book if it were not someone I care for being put through the manipulation.

I have seen this before, lived it before. I will not live it again, but I have learned that it is impossible to make those being used see they are being used. It is even harder when the one using them acts as a caregiver. 

What do you do when you have no idea what to do? Until next time don't let flowery words and sad stories manipulate you.
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