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Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation has started and it is proving to be rather interesting to say the least. Sit back and relax while I fill you in.

I decided to open my computer after a week or more of having it closed and using just my phone for Internet communication. There are some things I was supposed to be doing so I will be attempting to get them done during the few days left before Christmas.

Last night I  dictated my youngest letter to father Christmas. It was interesting; this year she is aware that the holiday is coming, and she is excited about it. Seeing it through her innocent eyes has made the season rather interesting.

Is it snowing yet?
The baby is looking forward to snow for Christmas; it is her one wish. You see in her eagerness, she correctly asked for all of her presents one by one until she got to open them all. (Save the one she does not know about and the gifts others have gotten her.)

You see I waited so long for her to speak that I could not resist the cuteness and sweetness in her voice as she asked the grammatically correct questions to get what she wanted. The biggest surprise of all came when she willingly put on gloves and a coat so she could go check for snow. 

It is nice to see my baby girl so happy after all of the changes the last year has brought to us. We are looking forward to the new year, and whatever it may bring.

Hope your holidays are filled with love and laughter. 
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