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In Theory

Today ends the first week of 2015 (sort of). The savings charts call for $1 for the first week, $2 for the second week and so on. I'm pretty sure my budget at the moment does not allow for this. Thus proving that I should have stuck with it when I started it this year. 
Creating tasty morsels

I overspent on Christmas and Birthdays. I took the money out of my regular household budget and went without a few things. It was not a big deal. Come December 2015 the gifts will more than this year in number to tailor to the little ones changing needs. I have a plan to save for it partially through what I save by taking advantage of sales and cash back offers. 

Little Amounts Add Up

The little amounts add up to larger amounts. That is why I began the practice of rounding all my purchases to the next dollar and saving the change from them until it adds up to a significant amount. 

At the moment this money is for a freezer for us. We are a small family but the cost of the freezer will pay for itself in time as it allows me to freeze more items for later use. The next goal well it requires more creative planning since I mistakenly listened to those that I should have known had no idea what they were talking about. 

You live and learn though. I am learning more than I ever cared to know but this year I plan to use that knowledge instead of just having it.

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