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January So Far

Every year it seems that time goes by faster than the year before. We are only at the middle of January 2015 but I am ready to review the year up to this point. Grab a drink and indulge me.


I am determined to lose 50 pounds this year. I was not happy with my weight when I went to the doctor, as I am certain I have gained a few pounds since my last visit for medication. I have steadily gained weight since the move here, though not rapidly. I must fix this. 

I hope to finish my next book this year, though progress on it is slow as I have begun to edit the parts already written. 

I want to get my divorce finalized.

Working for it

I developed a routine of walking with the kid, and try to watch what I put in my mouth. (Some days more successfully than others.)

I managed a savings plan that may or may not pan out but I am still doing what I can with it. It takes time and dedication. I have both.

Slowly but surely I am making progress toward these, but there are days it is not as fast as I would like it to be. 
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