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Living Car Free with a Handicapped Child

The past year has been full of changes. The biggest was purchasing and then selling a vehicle. I am once again car free with a handicapped child. How is that working out for us? Sit back and I'll tell you.

When I first became car free again I relied on others whom I would give gas money to in order to get where we needed to go. That worked out for a while until I realized it costs me far more than it was worth. They had a tendency to lie, and say things that were uncalled for, yet never to anyone's face. 

I cut ties and began to go places with a friend who in time proved that their word was worthless. I offered to pay them to get them to understand the help that I required was manual labor. They insisted they did not require payment but still they never showed. This began with a broken toe and continued to empty promises. 

I cut ties again. How are we coping now that we are left to my wits? Rather well I must say. There are some things that I take advantage of free shipping to have delivered to our front door so we do not have to carry them. 

We walk to Wal-mart (I avoid crossing the highway with her) and she enjoys it. Shorty will excitedly point out everything on the way. We are learning to dress for the weather.

While she is at school during the week I make a trip or two by myself in order to get a few odds and ends here and there. 

I feel better knowing that I can make the walk. The walks to the store mean that I can lose those pesky 50 pounds by the end of the year because I am actually getting exercise. 

How do we handle appointments? We use the transportation provided by various services to get us there. It is much easier than relying on people that cannot keep their word. 

The goal while to eventually purchase a car again is to work on my nerves. Not having the expenses that go with a car make it easier to improve them. 

Have you considered going car free? 
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