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One Year and Four Months Later

It has been approximately one year and four months since I left my third husband with my youngest daughter and little more than the clothes on our backs. We are still adjusting but along the way we have had some progress and good news.
Two technically four moves

We left our home for the Mountain top, and stayed in the house with friends for a couple of weeks. Then we moved into a camper and spent the remainder of the six months. It was a rather interesting experience.

We then moved to a rather flat and windy state to stay with friends for a few weeks. Then we moved into our tiny one bedroom apartment. 

Yes, technically four moves in a years time for an autistic child. 

Nothing to Something

I still feel guilty about leaving everything but a few clothes behind. My little girl should not have had to leave everything she owned. She was only six years old when we left and she did not understand. I'm not sure she understands now, but she has adjusted against all odds. 

We now have furnishings (we left with nothing, and the camper was furnished) and I have managed to acquire toys for her. She specifically asked for the majority of them. 

We have more than we left with, but I still miss my pictures. They are the only possession I wish I had taken the time to gather. 

We've come a long way but we have so much farther to go. 
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