Saturday, January 3, 2015

Saturday Evening Post

2014 ended on a bittersweet note. Reality while something I am well aware of is not something that is always pleasant. It is often tempered with what if's and had I only known. There have been a lot of these for me through the years but there was something else that went with them.

The strangest thing of all is that I would have done most of these things over ago if I had hindsight going into the situations.  It seems that three husbands later I have not learned my lesson completely, and I continue to go against my instincts allowing those that I know not to be reliable in time and time again.


The 52 week savings challenge came across my FB feed again this year. I thought about it then I did the math; it averages $26.50 a week or $115 a month. I am in no position right now to do that. The $26.50 done monthly would give me just over $300 at the end of this year. I am not sure I can swing that at the moment. 

I have managed to keep a total of $13 squirreled away for an emergency. Not much but it keeps my account from being overdrawn. I like that. I will continue the practice of rounding deposits down to the nearest dollar and withdraws up to the nearest dollar to avoid potential overdrafts. That is how I am saving money and not over spending at the moment. It works well, it worked better on the mountain when I was employed for an actual employer but such is life. 


I have made my fair share, including emptying my savings from time to time to take care of things that came up as the result of those around me. Trusting people I should not, and expecting people to be true to their word when I know they will not. 

Enter Medication

I am now on medication as a result of the years of stress these things have brought to me. It is not my first choice but it is helping me to cope with things on a daily basis. That is a good thing for me and my child. She deserves a mother that does not have nerves so frayed a dish breaking sets her on edge. 

not again

She is the reason I get up in the mornings. She deserves the best, and she knows that she has to negotiate to get it. Her skills are fast out running mine. Together we will be fine through whatever life throws at us. 
Until next time may you and yours have faith that it'll work out in the end. 
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