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Saturday Evening Posts

The bills for February are in. Now it's time to plan the budget accordingly and make sure that I am as on track as I think I am. There are a few household items that I intend to purchase next month.


The light bill for thirty-three days was $97.84. That is still below the $100 I allow myself for the bill each month. I am hoping to lower the next bill by a minimum of $10 to get it back to where I am the most comfortable.

This is our first winter here, and it is colder than I am used to. The winter on the mountain was rougher with the snow, but I am not sure it was colder. The most uncomfortable I have been was turning the heat off to clean the filter and having it rapidly get down to 69 degrees inside.

I have tried turning the thermostat down to 68 but I cannot manage to leave it there. I get cold easily it seems.

Phone Bill

My phone bill went from right at $50 a month to $48 a month when I changed service. 

The Rest of the Bills

They are set amounts this month and some are even less than I figured.

I am enjoying the ability to budget and have room left in the budget without anyone to mess it up for me. It is nice not having to fix anyone else's mistakes; I only have to fix my own. It is less stressful. Now to figure out what can be done about that light bill. 
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