Friday, January 23, 2015

Starting A "Word of the Day" Series

As a result of recent events I have decided to begin a Word of the Day series instead of chronically every event of my life for a while. The words come from experiences we have had recently, and serve as a therapy of sorts for me.

We have been through more than a few changes in the last year. Moves, jobs, illness and the loss of those we once considered close to us. 

I am discovering that I have learned a lot during this time. Some of the lessons were fun, others were difficult. In an effort to put it all together I am picking it apart and putting in a single word to ensure that in the end I see the big picture. 

Do you know what your word of the day would be if you had to choose? I have an idea of the words but until I go to write the posts I cannot be sure. Some come to mind such as love, family, friendship, betrayal and loyalty. 

Here's hoping that you find something you can use and take into your life as I begin the "word of the day" a few times a week or more. 
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