Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Evening Post

The week was full of surprises even as I managed to stay at home to avoid becoming sicker or making anyone else sick. Sit back, and let's chat a bit.


I have a doctor's appointment next week that was supposed to be getting my lab results from last weeks visit. Now it is for fasting labs. I am not looking forward to it. I do not like needles at all. As long as it's not a glucose test I'll be fine. That thick liquid is gross.

I changed my appointment to an earlier time after having changed the date because I was too sick to go out in the weather. The letter that I needed fasting labs came after the original rescheduling. I once again called transportation to change the time for my ride to arrive.

Shorty has an appointment for her checkup this week. It means that she gets a day out of school. 

Cleaning House

I managed to clean up some even though I felt horrible this week. It took a lot more time that it should have but I managed. I curled up on the couch to eat, read and write some things. Made my phone calls using speaker so I could avoid as many germs on the phone as possible, and cleaned the house a section at a time. 

Yes, I said section not room. I managed to get a rather impressive amount done this way even though I only cleaned five minutes at a time.


I have been pondering turning the t.v. back off during the day and purchasing one with a sleep timer. It will wait until the one we have stops working. I need to lower the light bill even though it is not over the budget that I allow myself.

I am considering cancelling Netflix again. If I do not watch it some this month I will cancel it before it comes due again. I am watching less on the computer. I have went an entire week without opening it and used the Internet on my phone.

What surprised you this week?
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