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Sunday's Rambling Thoughts

I have come to a decision that in 2015 I am actually going to attempt to keep this blog updated more regularly than I have in the past. It is the only one of the three that is still active and it seems a shame to let the one place I have to spill out all my thoughts and feelings go to waste. Sit back and wander through my wondering mind with me. 

Family. We all have one whether we want to admit it, or claim them. They are those that we share a bond with whether the tie is blood, love, loyalty or undying trust. The idea that they would betray us is one we do not care to entertain. Yet it happens more often than some of us care to admit. 

Friends. I have found that more often than not those that call themselves friends are merely acquaintances. There is an agenda to be had that is known only to them.

Co-workers. Typically they are kept at a distance but occasionally we grant them a peek into our private lives. There are risk in doing so especially when the job they seek is ours. Ammunition comes in many forms. 

Now ponder that while I go chase the shiny thing outside my window. 
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