Thursday, January 22, 2015

Taking Care of Health

I am not getting any younger, and lately it's becoming more and more apparent. I have recently began to take care of my health care needs after neglecting them for so long.

I went to the doctor recently because I was sick, something I used to avoid unless I had no other choice. I had a respiratory infection. They did lab work, and two weeks later I went back for fasting labs. 

My blood sugar had been elevate on the first set of labs. The second blood draw had my sugar at 98. As long as the rest of my labs are fine I do not have to go back for three months unless I get sick. 

My weight is bothering me. It has for years, I am trying to do something about it, though slowly. It seems every time I lose weight I gain it right back with extra. 

Taking care of my health is not optional with a handicapped child to raise. 
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