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Tuesday's Tantrum (Mine not Shorty's)

I feel like having a tantrum, but unfortunately being over 21 it has not been acceptable for more than a decade. So I will merely rant and get the frustrations out. Join me, I'll will try to keep the obscenity out of the picture.

Last week was one of confusion. We managed to get Shorty to her appointment on time because the driver showed up an hour before in order to pick up those after us on his schedule. He was polite and determined to do his job. 

The appointment went well, we don't go back for a year unless the baby gets sick. She got a day out of school courtesy of the doctor. We waited thirty minutes for the return ride home, still no problems. Later that day the baby developed tummy issues and ended up with a four day weekend from school. 

A 'friend" moved to a new house and she has forgotten who helped her and her oldest son when they had no where to live. She has Chron's this I understand but when she is well she cannot follow through with anything because there are more important things and people in her life.

I can remember inconveniencing myself every morning to go sit with her because there was a time when she could not be alone. I had a million things of my own to do but I put them on the back burner to keep her from being alone. 

Since we got here everything and everyone else has been more important than we are. It just goes to show that once people get what they've always wanted they forget everyone that no longer has anything to offer.

Good bye, it's your life and your loss. 
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