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Wondering Why

I am wondering why a lot these days. Hopefully the new year that is upon us will bring me the answers that I seek. The weather has caused the heat to be on often in our home, so snuggle up and maybe together we can find the answers being sought.

Need a coat and snow.

She recently turned eight years old, she is autistic. Her eyes are so blue they remind me of both sky and sea. Her soul is pure, as innocent as they come she has no idea there are those that would hurt her. 

She does not understand broken promises. In her eyes they are lies. You see for everything autism took from her it gave something back. It took her ability to reason, but it gave her the ability to comfort those around her. She notices the tiniest tears welling up in the eyes. 

While she was virtually mute for the first three years of her life now she can talk non-stop. Only those that know her are able to translate what she is saying. Very few people have this ability. 

What do you see?

My eyes are the focus of a lot of my pictures these days. In large part due to the 3D Fiber Lash that I wear now. I adore it, so do my eyes. There is something I noticed while looking at all those pictures of my own eyeballs.

1. I adore my eyes. I do believe they are my best feature. 
2. I attempt to have them say nothing for pictures, especially close ups. 

I have seen far too much through the years. Often I feel older than my years and long for the days when I was a naive child. I hope to keep my youngest as naive as I can for as long as I can. This means that as I attempt to teach her about the good in the world I have to be ever vigilant as I keep an eye out for the evil in it.
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