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Wordy Wednesday

When I do not feel well there is a lot that goes undone around my home. It's not as bad now that it is just me and my child without any other adults (those over 18) in the house that could have, but did not do anything that needed to be done.

While getting tons of rest is not an option with a small child to care for we are starting to cope. I nap while she is at school when I do not feel well. I make sure to set my alarm clock for an hour before school lets out in order to give myself time to wake up completely.

Altered Routines

When I am sick the routines all change. I do not get up at 5 a.m. and drink my coffee instead I hit the snooze until I have no choice but to get out of bed. We manage to get ready for the school day, unless it is a weekend then I am awaken by the baby.

I hold onto counters to get things done, and of course do far less than I normally would. I do not care that I do not accomplish anything while I am sick. My body calls for rest, and I attempt to give it as much as I can.

I drink all day when I am sick but eat very little. It is difficult when it is hot because I drink hot tea when I do not feel well.

We eat convent items, or leftovers because there are days when I am too sick to stand and cook. The baby seems to enjoy these days because I typically keep snack items and things she can fix herself. 

That wraps up my wordy Wednesday. Until next time I hope you have something pleasant to talk about and that you remain in good health.

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