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Wordy Wednesday

It's Wednesday and once again instead of being wordless I am wordy. I figure the rest of the world can be silent, I cannot even enjoy the pictures as the oddest things are making me dizzy these days. Let's chat.

These days I spend a lot of time alone. There are no interrupts to work anymore which would be great if I were actually actively working at the moment but I am not. It seems those that once made it a point to pop up while I was making a living are far enough away they cannot. It does not hurt that I did not tell them where I moved to.

Those that once called and continued to talk for hours when I told them I was working no longer call. They have forgotten about us long ago. It is okay, I am forgetting about them now. 

I am closer to divorcing, and happy about it. I am finally free well, almost. Once it is all said and done I am thinking of returning home because that is where my heart is at.
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