Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dear 5 A.M.

Dear 5 A.M.

I am not fond of you at all but I see you regularly. You are the time that allows me to rest before I get my daughter up for school. You allow me a precious few minutes of silence to have some coffee and indulge in my nicotine addiction without interruption. 

You are also the time of day I dread the most when I have trouble relaxing enough to get to sleep at night. I know that I will hit the snooze button before I give in and get out of bed as I should. 

I enjoy the peace and the mornings with "The Beverly Hillbillies" but the sun that is not yet warm isn't even yawning in my windows at this time. The moon is still high in the sky welcoming me back to my bed. 

You are my least favorite and favorite time of day at the same time for different reasons.

I just wish that you did not come so early in the morning.

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