Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dear Autism

I live each day watching autism at peak with the highs and lows effecting every choice we make.
Dear Autism,

I was denial as to your presence for a long time even with all the signs hitting me directly in the face. Now I embrace you as much as I hate you.

I adore the little blonde haired, blue eyed angel that you chose as your embodiment. The ignorance that surrounds you is the part I hate. I know you are in a small part a miracle that allows the world to be viewed differently, but there are days that I wish you would vanish.

I feel guilty for wishing for a cure when I realize it is the rest of the world that needs curing. Acceptance of you is something I pray for daily even when I do not realize I am doing it. I see all the things that you took from us only to find that you have given so much back to us.

We have understanding and love like we never experienced before since you entered into our lives. It is the fact that you have no physical outward symptoms to accompany the delays that make people stop and stare at the innocent child doing things far younger than her years without reservation. 

Where she physically disabled instead of mentally no one would question, yet her physical capabilities belie the fact that she is younger than her years. The wisdom she has is far beyond.

We will defeat you no matter how long or hard the battles toward the end of the war. 
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