Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dear Baby Boy

I seem to have fell behind with my month of letters due to life and technical difficulty but I am back. This letter is to someone that will only be referred to as baby boy. He is real, he is naive and merely a child stuck in the body of a man. Enjoy.

Dear Baby Boy,

You are not worth the time or amount of bail money it would take to beat you into being a human being. You are a child claiming to be a man, at the age where hormones still overrule your sense of decency and brain power.

Though reading through your messages and the lack of intellect contained in them it is easy to see that brain power will not be a facility that you find yourself with anytime soon. I am pleased to tell you that I can, have and continue to do better than you. 

Despite your lack of memory we have met in person, several times through the years. You were a cute kid, though you have had a ton of problems. They apparently turned  you into the ignorant ass you are today. No more time wasted on the trash that you have become. I am done. 

Remember forgiveness only means that you do not get the chance to do it again. I did however enjoy dropping you on your still diapered ass. May life treat you the way you treat others.

So long, baby boy. Don't worry I made every effort to pass you on to someone that has time to add a toy to their collection. Enjoy the fall. 

Until next time may your time be free of those that have no idea they are merely children attempting to play games they are not equipped to play.
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