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Dear Baby Boy

I seem to have fallen behind with the month of letters as a result of some unexpected difficulties but I am back. This letter is to someone that will only be referred to as baby boy. He is real, he is naive and merely a child stuck in the body of a man. Enjoy.

Dear Baby Boy,

You are not worth the time nor bail money it would take to kick your ass transform you into anything resembling a human being. You are still a child, while you may appear to be an adult it is merely an illusion resulting from your build. Being at the age where hormones rule you confuse lust with love.

I read through the messages you sent me over the course of our flirtation more than once. The lack of intelligence displayed was sickening. Just how do you manage to dress yourself? The thought that you "love me" is one that I find amusing as it is obvious you don't know the meaning of love. I know your intentions, they have nothing to do with love. What you feel is lust, baby boy.

Despite your lapse of memory we've met in person on more than one occasion. You know me, have forever. I realize I'm not the pencil thin young girl you first met but I have only changed in physical appearance. You on the other hand are nothing like you once were. The fact is that you change from message to message and day to day.

I forgive you, now we move on with both of our lives.There is nothing here for us, and we both know it. We are to far apart in all areas. The age difference is large, but the maturity gap is larger. I require a grown man to satisfy my needs.

Remember forgiveness only means that you do not get the chance to do it again. So long, baby boy.

Until next time may your time be free of those that have no idea they are merely children attempting to play games they are not equipped to play.

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