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Dear Birthday

Today is a day that I do not celebrate for a number of reasons. It is my birthday, don't worry about how old I am now.
Dear Birthday,

You mark yet another year that I have survived. The fact that my hair is showing streaks of gray because I have not colored it since it made the first appearance does not bother me at all. 

The fact that my children are healthy and strong gives me peace. I am not fearful of the numbers only of the day that I can no longer bring myself to say them. I hope that day does not come for I find that with each passing year I am growing stronger.

Younger men are more appealing than they used to be but they lack something. I am aging well but mentally I need to be stimulated or I suffer from severe boredom. 

Until you come again I will savor the year that has past and look forward to the one that is ahead.

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