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Dear Expenses

Dear expenses,

I am far from fond of you. Your existence is not one I wish to continue. You are a long time stress-er there appears to be no escape from even when I have you completely under control.
When others interfere I lose all control over you and find myself
panicking at the zero balance in my bank account. The things others would find helpful are not as they tend to project their own desires into every situation. I enjoy knowing that something paid in full without need for monthly payments. It ensures that I have one less thing to worry about forgetting in future.

I enjoy the safety of setting money aside for emergencies though this luxury is rare. I enjoy it when expenses are kept well below my monthly income, I consider it a victory. The challenge of lowering an already low expense is one I thrive on some days while others it has me pulling my hair out at the roots.

Most of all I enjoy that there is no longer anyone in my home to run you up for no reason at all. I got rid of the one who did not know it is an impossibility to spend more than you have. While I will never love you, I am less likely to hate you and more likely to accept you as a fact of life than before.

Tired of Paying Expenses

Until next time I will enjoy the fact that I have paid a couple of expenses off and they will not repeat themselves in the near future.

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