Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dear Expenses

Dear expenses,

I am not fond of you at all. You have long been a source of stress for me even when I have you completely under control.

When others interfere I lose all control over you and find myself panicking at the zero balance in my bank account. I enjoy knowing that you have been paid in full and I will no longer have to deal with you.

I enjoy having money to set aside for emergencies though there have been rare occasions when you allowed me this luxury. I enjoy knowing that I can manage to keep you well below my monthly income no matter how high or low it may be at any given time.

Most of all I enjoy that there is no longer anyone in my home to run you up for no reason at all.

Until next time I will enjoy the fact that I have paid a couple of expenses off and they will not repeat themselves in the near future.
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