Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dear Husband Number One

The years have been a combination of kind and cruel since the day you exited from my daily life. There are a few things that I neglected to say before you left.

Dear first husband,

You drank far to much, and spent even more that you did not have. I am still not sure what possessed me to marry you a day after accepting your second proposal. I know you were drinking when you proposed via phone call it was all that you ever did. 

I still do not comprehend how I ended up becoming your wife. The year and a half that we were married was full of ups and downs. I learned a great deal from you; it is a pity I did not practice the lessons sooner.

You are in prison now, literally. Your sentence is one that includes death row. After everything you put me through there is a part of me that will mourn your death. I do not know why, maybe it is because I want to know that I have not lost all of myself in the years that followed.

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