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Dear Medication

Over the past year it has become my saving grace.

Dear Medication,

I have come to rely on you for my sanity as the world around me becomes increasingly insane.While you have changed a great deal since we were first introduced I'm hoping that one day you will find the correct combination. It has been rather unsettling to adjust to you just to have you changed because the combination was not correct for me.

Those close to me know that my nerves are shot, those closest know why. There are times when I wonder if I took you in the mornings, and at night I often forget because of the hangover effect. I prefer the hangover to sleepless nights and being jittery 24/7. 

Until I can develop adequate coping mechanisms I will continue to rely on you. I will continue to complain in therapy.

How do you cope with the stress of daily life?
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