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Dear Saturday

I look forward to you because you mean there is no need to turn on my alarm clock in order to get up an obscene hour. My child is the one waking me up demanding cartoons. When I was a child there was no need to wake anyone up, we simply sat in front of the t.v. quietly.

I have always looked forward to you because of the break you provided. That is unless I was in a position to have to work when you came around. Then I spent some of the time upset that I was neglecting you. 

You were the time that meant my husband would either be off to spend time with (when I had one I liked) or he'd be gone and I wouldn't have to deal with him (when I had one I did not like). 

So Saturday you see that you are a bittersweet day for me. I have a love hate relationship with you that will continue for a lifetime.

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