Monday, February 9, 2015

Dear Time

You are quickly passing as I find myself aging faster than I ever imagined possible. How do you past so quickly?

Dearest time,

When I was young you passed slowly as if you were crawling along. It seemed as if the next year, month, day, week, hour even moment would never come. Now with each moment you seem to have become yesterday before my eyes blink. Yesterday turns into however many years ago.

At the start of school each year I would long for summer and other vacations during the year. At the beginning of each vacation I was over joyed, at the end it seemed like I had just gotten out of school. Those moments went much to fast. 

The days that my children were infants I believed that those endless nights would last forever. Now I wish they had lasted longer. Looking back without the fatigue of the moment I find that I actually treasure those memories. Those were the times when my children gave unconditional trust and love as their needs were met.

My marriages seem forever ago, my divorces are still burned into memory. Time has changed perceptions of events but not the outcome or the fact that I obtained knowledge from the events in my life. 

Time is precious though at times I wish I could speed it up as much as I wish that I could freeze it to keep certain people, moments and memories alive forever.

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