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Dear Winter Weather

The cold, ice and teasing of snow are a bit depressing.

Dear Winter Weather, 

You make me long for the days of summer. I am upset that I cannot spend the entire day every day in my warm bed until you cease with the layers of ice and below freezing temperatures that turn the roads in dangerous places that I do not wish to face.

You have caused the schools to close while everything else remains open. This has led me to a week of being held hostage by children's shows as my child runs in and out. She is curious as to our new surroundings and finds she adores the layer of white on the ground. She was not used to it before we began our new life, now she is addicted to it even asking for it by name.

You make me feel selfish for wishing that you would go away while she wishes for piles of snow to build snowmen with.

Until next time may you stay warm and well.

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