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Dear Younique

This was supposed to post during the month of letters, but I managed to get side tracked. Next year I will see if I can manage to make it through the entire month without being distracted by technical or personal issues.

Dear Younique,

I am in love with the products. BB cream is easy to apply and smoothly evens out my complexion even on my worse days. The 3d fiber lash is my favorite, I adore the awesomeness of my lashes and for the cost it lasts months making it worth it. 

As much as I do not want to admit it, the Lovestruck lipgloss is a much better color on me than some of the darker things I used to wear. It makes me look innocent, sort of. I even use eyeliner regularly now. It has become a bit of an addiction since I found Younique.

Thank you for making me feel good even on my worst day.

Until next time I hope that you are comfortable in your own skin.

#delayedletter #makeup #younique #lushlashes
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