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Plans for the Week

This week is going to be a hectic one. I am hoping that school will be back in session for the baby so that she is at least in her routine. Let's see what the week holds for me, hopefully it will not be as strange as the one that has passed.


  1. I managed to get two morons out of my inbox. (I hope). 
  2. The baby missed three days of school, one of them she was sick. The other two were snow days that did not count against her attendance. 
  3. She played outside, and made Easter crafts with stickers. 
  4. I slept when I felt sick.
  5. I got a call from the lawyers office. The paper still have not been served.
This week

I have an appointment tomorrow. Wednesday and Friday are "Ghost Whisperer" marathons while I clean house. 

I have to call transportation and set it up for our trip to Little Rock next week. I need to make an appointment for myself at the doctor, I am not feeling well. 

There are dishes to do, laundry to catch up, and floors to clean. I'm going to try to do some work this week. I think that a regular schedule of positive stress is just what the doctor ordered.

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