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Saturday Evening Post

Once again it is Saturday, and once more it is the time of year when we set our clocks ahead an hour. It has been an interesting week, let's chat.
Is it snowing yet?

The question at Christmas? Is it snowing yet? The answer then was No.  Thursday morning when she woke up I got to tell her that it snowed, three months after she asked for it. 

Now school has been out a total of seven days because of weather; the first five were ice days. The last two snow days. She did not care she played in both with delight. 

While Shorty enjoyed the snow and ice I fielded idiots. Her hair is once again an issue proving ignorance surrounds us. Assumptions are a sure fire way to make an ass of yourself, and sadly there are those that do it daily. Last week there were assumptions, next week I go back to counseling and have a lot to talk about.

Later this month we go back to Little Rock for her hearing. It is being monitored. 

I do not know how much longer I can put up with this place. I know if it were not for one of my best friends being here I would pack up and make a way to leave here.

Until next time may your life be free from assumptions.

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