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Word of the Day: Hope

Today's word is HOPE! I am full of it at this point in my life even after everything that I have been through in this life so far. What does hope mean to me? Sit back and I'll tell you, no definitions today just me. 

I still a degree to complete, one that would require taking public speaking. I intend to put that particular class off for a few semesters because I have a tendency to quit at that point. The class is stressful for me on a number of levels. I have hope that I will make it through that particular class the next time I take it.

I have hope that we are going to be just fine on our own. I believe that I'll fit back in those clothes that I could wear at seventeen. Well, I'll come close, and that's good enough. I'll settle for within a size or two that once made me feel fat. 

I have hope that this year will go smoothly for us. I know what I want to accomplish this year, and I am off to a good start.

Until next time I hope that you still have yours and live your dreams to the fullest. 

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