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Week Ahead

The week ahead is going to be a busy one. The last month has increased my stress though a number of things that must be done. The week ahead is going to be full of things that require intellectual focus. Let's see what is on the agenda and determine how to keep my sanity.

The school is year is coming to a close. June 4th is the last day because of the lack of holidays to make up for the days lost to winter weather. This also means that it is time for the annual IEP meeting.

IEP Round One......

The first time we did the IEP meeting, we had to stop the meeting because the Occupational Therapist wasn't there. There are several things in the list of goals that we have to discuss. It seems that everyone has forgotten that there is either a lack of generalization or an over generalization of things in the world of autism.

What does "appropriate grip" mean? The use of scissors has been mastered. Legible writing? That only comes from writing, and she does not write a lot for class.

Balls: throw, hit targets. This is a problem since OT is typically done inside in the school environment. We would need a boundary. The balls need to be outside or they need to teach that just because you can do something in one place does not mean that you can do it everywhere.

It is going to be a long meeting since there are twenty-two points to discuss from the treatment plan alone.

Doctor's Appointment

Monday is my afternoon appointment. Just over thirty miles round trip. It was rather stressful to make the plans to get there with so much going on around me. The woman that is taking me, her son just had knee surgery and her husband is starting pain management for his back.

Hopefully there will be enough time while we are in town to go by the social security office so I can get the paperwork done for my new social security card. I will be printing the form for a new card shortly, and gathering the paperwork. I believe I need my divorce papers, driver's license and I'm not sure what else. It has been so long that I had my named changed that I have forgotten what I need.


Tuesday afternoon I am expecting a small grocery delivery. It is just a small order to keep myself in a routine while still being under budget for the month.


I have given up cream and sugar in my coffee, and the sugar in my tea. (It is not the first time I have made such a change). My walks have not been present lately, but I managed to get back into a pair of shorts I purchased last year that had gotten to small over the cold winter.

Shorty is becoming more independent when it comes to heating up her food in the microwave and making herself sandwiches. She picks out her clothes on the weekends, and during the school week I no longer have to stand over her to make sure that she gets dressed.

The goal is to make it through the end of the school year and not lose any academics over the summer. It is also time to tuck money aside for Christmas.

Child support has not appeared. That is not a surprise.

Until next time may your days be filled with peace.
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