Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday Evening Post

The last couple of weeks were rather nice despite the time spent away from the house. The name on my books now matches my legal name. I took my maiden name back in the divorce. Let's chat.

I managed to go to my doctor's appointment with as little stress as humanly possible. The doctor was an ass less than desirable for me to see. Though personality isn't technically in the job description.

School Considerations

The second IEP meeting ended up with putting in for a circuit review next school year. This is going to be fun. I was researching and I am seriously considering an online schooling option or homeschooling for the school term following this one. Online and homeschool both share the advantage of not being subject to snow days.

Housing Considerations

We would need two bedrooms though Shorty seems content with one bedroom. She has the bedroom, and it is small enough to clean up in a couple of hours. The entire place, not just her room. The floor is the most difficult part to clean because it's all tile, and there is no way to be home and clean the entire thing.

Since I do not feel well I am cutting this short. Nighty, night.

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