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Additional Housekeeping

Friday afternoon I got word that today was the day that the owners/general managers, whatever they are would be here today. That mean extra housekeeping. Points are deducted if things aren't just so when they get here. Daily housekeeping, and not just straightening is actually required to live here in order for them to feel that this place is safe. This leads to an interesting scenario with an autistic child in tow.

It took a lot of effort to get Shorty to act like a child and stop massive OCD behavior. The behavior is still there in the form of not being able to touch her stuff; she is like me in this way. It makes putting her toys away while she is awake an interesting endeavor to say the least. 

All the trash had to be taken out, no dirty clothing in the bathroom floor and no clutter. Instead of bringing things in from the storage closet I put more things into it. The rearranging of furniture was postponed, and instead of moving my clothing I put toys and paperwork into the drawers that I had designated for them to go into. 

I am still short on shelving so I decided to make alternate stacking arrangements that will work for my purposes. I also discovered condensation on the floor, and how to fix it. It seems I have to keep the windows closed to prevent it. The entire floor gets wet since it completely tile, another reminder that I need rugs. 

The baby's rug should be placed back in her floor and left there to prevent it from getting to cold in there for her. 

Until next time may housekeeping not be an nightmare for you.
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