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Caring for Each Other

It's just me and Shorty now, over the last year we have fallen into a routine that involves taking care of each other. This week was no exception. The temperatures soared and I found out that I am not as accustomed to the heat as I once was. Shorty on the other hand enjoyed it a great deal even coming in to get drinks and cool off instead of pushing herself to exhaustion.

laundry day

It was a week filled with the summer version of spring cleaning. Laundry had to be caught up in the mist as a result of Shorty getting sick. She laid in the bed and yelled for me because she was thirsty so I provided bedside service for my little angel. 

When she was feeling better I began to give into exhaustion. Shorty immediately told me that I would feel better if I rested in my bed and that I should just yell for her if I needed anything. My angel was going to take care of me. It is just one of the many sweet things that she does on a daily basis.

The majority of the housekeeping is my job but Shorty is practicing her skills of self care more frequently without need for reminders from me. This is an interesting experience for both of us as we grow up together in a sense. 

Does everyone in your household work together?

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